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We are SETA Accredited

Entrepreneurship Programme to help you Start or Grow a Business

We are Accredited Business Consulting Specialists, registered with Services SETA, the NSBC and our Programme & Workshop material is SETA Aligned. We’ve been running Entrepreneurship and Business Programmes since January 2018, written over 350 Business Plans and consulted numerous Startup’s and Companies in South Africa since 2013.

Financial Projections

We have Chartered Accounting partners in Sky Financial (CA)SA. Sky Financial assists our clients with their Business Financial planning which will include Funding Possibilites, Profit & Loss, Cashflow, Balance Sheet and Sales Volume analysis. For more info, call us at 021 974 6300.

Programme Breakdown

The Entrepreneurship Programme will Empower YOU to Discover the Entrepreneur in You and teach You the skill to Launch Your Startup or Grow Your Existing Business!

Session 1: Foundation of Entrepreneurship
– Discover Your Unique Entrepreneurship Potential.
– Keys that made Steve Jobs successful.
– Realities of Entrepreneurship.

Session 2: Vision
– Writing Your Business Vision.
– Creating Your Business Model.
– Goal Setting & Goal Achieving.

Session 3: Understand What You’re Selling
– How to package your product / service.
– Identifying your target market.
– Creating a competitive selling package.

Session 4: Branding
– Introduction to Branding.
– Brand Strategy.
– Branding Essentials.

Session 5: Operational Systems
– Why 80% Startup’s Fail.
– Key Operational Business Systems.
– Operations System Prototype for Your Business.

Session 6: Marketing
– Marketing Strategy and Tactics.
– Marketing Channels.
– Advertising Structures.

Session 7: Advertising
– Facebook / LinkedIn Advertising Strategies.
– Google Adwords Strategy.
– Other Advertising Channels.

Session 8: Sales
– Sales Strategy and Tactics.
– Sales Channels.
– Sales System Prototype for Your Business.

Session 9: Leadership
– Creating Departments within Your Business.
– Building a System Dependant Business.
– Hiring & Firing Employees.

Session 10: Financial Growth Planning 
– Startup Financial Planning.
– Startup Financial Analysis.
– Create Your Financial Growth Strategy.

Session 11: Business Culture
– Creating a Healthy Business Culture.
– Empowering Business Laws.
– Ethical Business Principles.

Session 12: Compliance Consultation
– CIPC / SARS: Basic Compliance Registration.
– Tax / VAT: Tax and VAT Consultation.
– Specialised Compliance: Trademark, Business Insurance and COID.

Entrepreneurship Programme Details

Personal Business Startup Consultation
3 Monthly Payments of
Sessions will be done at our offices (Willowbridge Centre, Bellville).
Programme Length: 12 Weeks
Consultation Duration: 90 Minutes Per Sessions
Location: At Our Offices (Bellville)
Service Delivery: Personal 1 - 1 Business Consultation


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Starting a Business

Watch the Short Video below if you're struggling to get Your Business Started!

Business Start-up Webinar

In 2016 we did a Webinar for the ICBA on Starting a Business in SA - watch below!

Press Release

Recently we featured in one of the world’s most popular Entrepreneur Magazines, see a press release by our founder Brend Badenhorst on Starting or Growing a Business.

CLICK HERE to read the article.


See what the Entrepreneurship Programme did for previous students!

Monique Muller

Since I’ve completed this Online course at the Entrepreneurship school; my company doubled!!!!

Its an amazing platform providing everything you need to know about building a business and more!!!

They provide after service and always one call away!!

Ntando Lurwengu

The Entrepreneurship school has been an insightful experience which has shown me the beauty of simplicity in starting a business.

I found the programme to be very practical and it has increased my business knowledge, it has given me more confidence through helping me to understand terms such as sales channels and the importance of a operations system being in place. I would definitely recommend the programme to other people starting out.

Click HERE to read the full testimonial!

Pepisi Mahomole

This is an ideal school for a person who wants to lay a solid foundation of Entrepreneurship.

The facilitator is clued up with what he does and can take you step by step until you are up to speed.

I encourage inspiring entrepreneurs to grab this opportunity and upskill yourselves.

Your Time is Now!

Benry Swanepoel

I started the entrepreneurship programme as a professional barista in a roastery in the garden route. I knew that I had found my passion, but I never thought that I could be capable of starting my own business. I never thought that I could be an Entrepreneur (I didn’t even know what it meant to be an Entrepreneur). After the second session with Brend I KNEW that I had discovered the Entrepreneur within myself, one that I never thought existed in the first place.

I recommend this programme to anyone who believes there’s more to life than we’re told. I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to start a business but is confused by how to start it. I recommend this programme to anybody who wants to be a successful entrepreneur with a successful business. It is very practical and easy to understand even if you have no prior business knowledge as myself.

Click HERE to read the full testimonial.

Anserie Troskie

Entrepreneurship School was the perfect opportunity and the most amazing journey for Carpe Diem Drama School to go from ‘GREAT’ to ‘EXTRAORDINARY’. With the practical steps in the course we are now able to work at a faster pace, with much better results and added value.

The contents of the course supplied us with the knowledge and skills to take our small business to a successful Franchise. We are so excited about the future because we have VISION that will lead to success.

We would absolutely recommend this Program to any one and everyone that wants to spread their wings. Weather starting out or wanting to expand – Entrepreneur School is for YOU!

Blanche Franken

I joined the Entrepreneurship Programme as I had Business knowledge only from reading books prior to the Entrepreneurship Programme and I struggled to turn my ideas into action.

The Entrepreneurship Programme helped me to get my thoughts and ideas down on paper. It also guided me on how to take action and turn my ideas into a Startup through simplistic, practical steps.

I would reccommend this Programme to everyone interested in Entrepreneurship or ready to start their own Business, it will be a huge investment in yourself for future success!

Blanche Franken, Director Loubla Brokers (Pty) Ltd.

Darroll Harmse

I signed up for the Entrepreneurship Programme conducted by Brend Badenhorst from Entrepreneurship School earlier this year, 2018. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in a concise manner that was practical and easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective.

During the course we received individual feedback, conducted self-study & homework and we interacted with Brend & Freda and other participants.

This format gave me the confidence to implement new techniques on my business plan and company structure, as we covered in detail all aspects in terms of setting up a business. I can with great confidence recommend the Entrepreneurship Programme through Entrepreneurship School as it will add value to any new Entrepreneur during the start-up phases of building his / her business.

Darroll Harmse, Managing Director of EMAS Advance Performance (Pty) Ltd.

Hester Jonker

Hi Brend,

Thank you for the inspirational webinar today.

Thank you for the inspiration, I now see mistakes I have been making in my own business without realizing I am making them. To be completely honest realizing I am making them but compromising my believes to accommodate clients and the end result is me feeling negative about business.

Firstly I am going to make a decision and go for it, write it down in order for me to own it and lastly I am not going to compromise.

Thank you so much for the positive ideas and reminding me that I love what I do and that I still have bigger goals that I need to focus on.

Regards, Hester Jonker

Azariah Sekatane

Hi Brend,

Thank you so much for all the assistance and guidance provided in this afternoon’s consultation session on my Business startup phase.

Let me take this opportunity to applaud your exceptional and skillful handling of the session in general, especially the professional and motivating manner in which you alleviated my fears to start my Business. Honestly, the whole thing was very intimidating until you stepped in and waved your magic wand, which undoubtedly calmed my nerves in a big and motivating way. Looking forward to the next session.

Thanks once more for your assistance and astute guidance throughout the consultation session and I will essentially do my best to deliver on my obligations as discussed.

Azariah Sekatane, Managing Director of Ria Set Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.

Madelain Burgoyne

Hello again Brend

I just want to say thank yo so much for your excellent service and warm attention to trying to figure out what I need. I often feel that people just want to sell me stuff that isn’t quite aligned with what I need. But you didn’t do that, you weren’t just trying to make a sale. That sort of integrity is what would have me sending referrals.

So really, thank you!

Madelain Burgoyne
Lifestyle, Health and Personal Development Life Coach

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