Amy Hodgson from Sposabella Bridal Boutique – Umhlanga was referred to Entrepreneurship School (Pty) Ltd. after Amy bought the Sposabella Bridal Shop in Umhlanga, Durban.

Amy had a few challenges to name a few: (1) Sposabella’s Vision; (2) Control of Sposabella’s Marketing and (3) Operational Processes for Business growth.

We worked through the Business Programme and focussed on the following steps:
(1) Sposabella’s Vision.
(2) A Clear Marketing & Advertising Strategy.
(3) Operational Processes to convert Leads into Sales.

Amy was a very dedicated student, always doing her homework and went the extra mile to take as much value possible from the Business Programme.

We are happy to report that Amy’s leads and appointments doubled in the middle of the Business Programme as she learned about various Industry specific advertising techniques to generate new leads.

See Amy’s written testimonial below and contact us should you need assistance with your Business, CLICK HERE for more information.

Written Testimonial

Amy Hodgson

Amy Hodgson

Owner of Sposabella Umhlanga

Amy Hodgson Written Testimonial

“After purchasing a business I immediately started the online course at The Entrepreneurship School.

Brend is full of passion and knowledge about business. He helped me figure out the vision for my company and create a clear marketing and advertising strategy that doubled the number of appointments since the takeover.

If you need help figuring out your company’s new identity this is the course for you. Thank you Brend for all you help and encouragement!

Amy Hodgson Owner of Sposabella Umhlanga.

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