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Business Plan for Funding, Loans and Tender Applications

We are Business Plan Specialists, registered with the NSBC. Our Business Plans are Funding Ready and Comply with SEDA, SEFA, Dti, NEF, IDC and All Private Financial Institutes in South Africa. The Financial Projections are reviewed by our Accounting Partners Sky Financial CA(SA). Our Business Plan Department has written over 350 Business Plans and consulted numerous Startup’s and Companies in South Africa since 2013.

Free Funding Application

After preparing a Funding Ready Business Plan for you, our Business Plan Specialist can assist you with a Funding Application to Funding Organisations such as NEF, Business Partners, PitchLab and FinFind Easy – FREE of charge!

Specialised Business Plan Details

Our Specialised Business Plan is guaranteed Funding Ready! Included in the option is a Specialised Layout of 50-70 pages, a 5 Year Financial Analysis, In-Depth Product, Marketing & Sales Strategies, an In-Depth Competitor Analysis and Market Research on Your behalf!

Specialised Business Plan Layout:
A. Introduction.
– Business Concept.
– Financial Introduction.

B. Business Purpose.
– Vision, Mission and Values.

C. Business Model.
– Operational Industry.
– Unique Advantage.
– Products / Services Analyses.
– Marketing Strategy.
– Operations Strategy.
– In-Depth Industry Analysis.
– In-Depth Market Analysis.
– In-Depth Competitor Analyses
– Competitive Advantage.

– SWOT Analysis.

E. Management.
– Management Team and Track Record.
– Updated C.V.’s.
– HR Organisational Structure.

F. General Information.
– Compliance.
– Ownership.

G. Financial Plan.
– Financial Introduction.
– Funding Analyses.
– (12) Month Financial Projection.
– (12) Month Sales Volume Projection.
– (12) Month Profit and Loss Projection.
– (12) Month Cashflow Projection.
– (12) Month Break Even Projection.
– (12) Month Balance Sheet Projection.
– (12) Month Personnel Plan Projection.

H. (5) Year Financial Projection
– (5) Year Profit and Loss Projection
– (5) Year Cashflow Projection
– (5) Year Balance Sheet Projection

I. Appendix.
– Social Media Ad’s Template.
– Google AdWords Template.
– Newsletter Template.
– Flyer / Pamphlet Template.
– Brochure Template.
– Introduction Meeting Template.
– Follow Up Meeting Template.
– Introduction Phone Call Template.
– Follow Up Phone Call Template.
– Sales Email Template.

Service Variables: 
– 50 – 70 Pages.
– 5 Year Financial Projection.
– Product Analysis and Competitive Strategy.
– Marketing and Sales Strategy and Tactical Approach.
– Competitor Analysis on Your Behalf.
– Market Research on Your Behalf.
– Competitive Advantage Analysis on Your Behalf.

– FREE Funding Application on Your behalf at NEF, Business Partners, FinFind or PitchLab.
– Word Template for future editing.
– 5 Year Financial Excel Template for future editing.
– Updated C.V.’s of Managing Personnel.
– Social Media Advertising Template.
– Google Ads Advertising Template.
– Newsletter Template.
– Flyer / Pamphlets Template.
– Sales Pitch Templates.

– Funding Ready!
– Complies with SEDA, SEFA, Dti, NEF, IDC and all Private Financial Institutes in South Africa.
– Product, Marketing & Sales Strategy and Tactical Templates.
– In-Depth Market research on your behalf.
– In-Depth Industry research on your behalf.
– In-Depth Competitor research on your behalf.
– Online Service: Accessible All Over South Africa.

Cost: R12 900 (14 – 21 Working Days) (50% Deposit Fee & 50% On Completion)

Payment Options: Cash Deposit, Bank EFT and Credit Card. For more information Complete the Application Form below.

Our Specialised Business Plan is the Best Priced In-Depth Business Plan in South Africa!

NB: We write and finalise the Specialised Business Plan on your behalf requiring only financial information and basic content information. The in-depth and specialised research will be done by our Internal Business Plan Department.

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Business Plan Webinar

In 2016 we did a Webinar for the ICBA on writing a Business Plan - watch below!

Press Release

Recently we featured in one of the world’s most popular Entrepreneur Magazines, see a press release by our founder Brend Badenhorst on Starting or Growing a Business.

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What Our Clients Say

Rui Xavier

Now successful 3@1 Franchisee

“Thank you very much for all the hard work in compiling the business plan….and then having to change it again!!
I am happy with the outcome and also the fact that you gave it to me in word format.”

Rui Xavier, Owner of 3@1 N1 City and 3@1 Paarl Branches

Azariah Sekatane

Couldn’t get his Business of the ground

“Thank you so much for all the assistance and guidance provided in this afternoon’s consultation session on my Business startup phase. Let me take this opportunity to applaud your exceptional and skillful handling of the session in general, especially the professional and motivating manner in which you alleviated my fears to start my Business.” 

Azariah Sekatane, Managing Director of Ria Set Enterprises (Pty) Ltd.

Madelain Burgoyne

“I just want to say thank yo so much for your excellent service and warm attention to trying to figure out what I need. I often feel that people just want to sell me stuff that isn’t quite aligned with what I need. But you didn’t do that, you weren’t just trying to make a sale. That sort of integrity is what would have me sending referrals. So really, thank you!”

Lifestyle, Health and Personal Development Life Coach

Renier Uys

Successful PSIRA Application

“Once again, great service from Entrepreneurship School.

5 Star service delivery, you are worth every star times 10.”

Renier Uys, Elisheba Security and Cleaning Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Theo Mudzanani

Successful Funding Application

Thanks a lot for your service you guys are great!”

Theo Mudzanani, Director of Prime Fitness (Pty) Ltd.

Nomfundiso Ndude Mpeta

Successful Funding Application

“Thank you very much, I think everything is above board. It’s perfect!”

Nomfundiso Ndude Mpeta, Director of Mpeta Transport Services

Khodani Madavhe

Successful Funding Application

“Thank you very much, your work is excellent!”

Khodani Madavhe, Director of Madavhe Transportation (Pty) Ltd.

Erick Ndlangamandla

Successful Funding Application

Thank you so much. I believe everything is now perfect.”

Erick Ndlangamandla, Director of Sciprofs (Pty) Ltd.

Ricky Buys

Successful PSIRA Registration

“It is brilliant, Thank you!!!”

Ricky Buys, Director of GOB Security Services

Mandllenkosi Buthelezi

Successful Funding Application

“Perfect and Outstanding!”

Mandllenkosi Buthelezi, Director of Strategic Dream Trade (Pty) Ltd.

Khodani Madavhe

Successful Funding Application

“Thank you so much for the Business Plan! I have received it and I’m so happy, it looks good and very professional!”

Ntombifuthi Nomnga, Managing Director of Ntombi Decoration and Project (Pty) Ltd.

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