Helen Shongwe from Pinocchio Crèche came to us for assistance in growing her Business from Good to Great! When I met Helen she was very de-motivated and frustrated with her business and the lack of progress the business showed.

We sat in Mug & Bean, Canal Walk and she had to make a decision on what she wanted from her business and where she wanted to be after 3 years. After we’ve drawn the line in the sand, we could go to work on her Business.

My sessions with Helen focussed on Pinocchio Crèche’s vision and strategy. Once we established that, we revamped her marketing, sales and service delivery systems. I also assisted Helen on the concept of her business culture and how to take her staff members from employees to leaders.

The change in Helen and Pinocchio Crèche has been remarkable, I’m excited to see how Helen’s vision will unfold!

See Helen’s written testimonial below, CLICK HERE for more information regarding the Business Programme.

Written Testimonial

Helen Shongwe-Phillips

Helen Shongwe-Phillips

Owner of Pinocchio Crèche

Helen Shongwe-Phillips Written Testimonial

“I’d like to thanks Brend for a wonderful journey. It was a motivational, insightful and positively challenging experience. The benefit off having a professional whom I could consult with.”

Helen Shongwe-Phillips, Owner of Pinocchio Crèche

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