Gideon Botha from Perspective Designs came to us after he decided to follow his dream and start a Business. At the time when he approached us, he didn’t come with the right or a specific idea – he basically just wanted to start a Business.

We worked through the Business Programme and focussed on the following steps:
(1) A clear understanding of entrepreneurship.
(2) Identifying the right idea for Gideon to pursue.
(3) Operational processes to start trading in the form of branding, marketing, sales and systems.

Gideon was a great candidate from the start, he quickly adapted and caught the concepts of Business quickly. He worked hard with the building blocks he received on the Business Programme and got himself into a great position to start his Business.

We are proud to say that Perspective Designs is now open for Business after Gideon completed the Business Programme! See Gideon’s written testimonial below and contact us should you need assistance with your Business, CLICK HERE for more information.

Written Testimonial

Gideon Botha

Gideon Botha

Founder & Owner of Perspective Deisgns

Gideon Botha Written Testimonial

“I would just like to thank Brend for the knowledge he shared with me. It was definatly a step in the right direction.

Everything he shared in his 12 week program is very valuable to any person or business that want to either start or grow their business. Do not wait for the right time.

The time is now!!!”

Gideon Botha, Founder & Owner of Perspective Designs

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