Lume Spengler from Celebrate Effortless came to us after she decided to follow her dream and start a Business. At the time when she approached us, she had a few ideas in event planning but was not sure on what to focus on.

We worked through the Business Programme and focussed on the following steps:
(1) A clear understanding of entrepreneurship.
(2) Identifying Lume’s technical skill, passion and what she actually wanted to do (professional wedding planning).
(3) Operational processes to start trading in the form of branding, marketing, sales and systems.

We are proud to say that Celebrate Effortless is now open for Business after the Business Programme and Lume is another successful Entrepreneur through the ranks of Entrepreneurship School!

See Lume’s written testimonial below and contact us should you need assistance with your Business, CLICK HERE for more information.

Written Testimonial

Lume Spengler

Lume Spengler

Founder & Owner of Celebrate Effortless

Lume Spengler Written Testimonial

“I did the ‘Grow Your Business’ course from the Entrepreneurship School and it has been an absolutely incredible 12 weeks! Thank you so much to Entrepreneurship School and Brend for truly caring about my business and wanting to see me succeed as an entrepreneur in South Africa. Amazing mentors, amazing school, amazing courses! If you want to take your business further then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them 🌟

Lume Spengler Founder & Owner of Celebrate Effortless

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