Brend Badenhorst Testimony

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

2008 – 2012: Early Stages

I was born in Kimberley and grew up in Kempton Park. My parents lived in faith and I was accustomed to this style of living since I can remember. This proved an excellent learning curve for me and prepared me for the journey with God that was lying ahead and started when I was 19 years old. I attended and matriculated at ‘Hoerskool Jeugland’ in 2007. During my matric year I was very unsure to what I wanted to do with my life. I never truly discovered myself in my teenage years and all I knew to do and in which I stood out was sport (athletics and cricket). Unfortunately, no teacher ever encouraged me to go for my dreams. All I ever remember from teachers at school was to learn hard, get good grades, study a safe degree, get a safe job and save up a safe pension fund in order to retire safely and only then am I allowed to enjoy life.

This prompted me to study a safe course at the NWU Potchefstroom. I moved to Potchefstroom to study a BA degree in ‘Human Movement Science’ (Sport Science and Biokinetics). I was never stimulated by this course and grew frustrated over the 1st year. This led to a massive leap in faith and though it was a risky move, in hind sight it was the best move I could ever make in my life.
From when I can remember I had childlike faith in God’s ability for the impossible. I had a dream to play professional cricket and at the end of 2008 God encouraged me to freely pursue this dream. The big leap in faith came in 2009 when I stopped my studies and decided to go 120% in the direction of my dream. The decision to stop studying was a difficult one, I felt like a failure and everything in me was screaming that this was wrong. Looking back at this phase of my life, I’m very thankful that I had the guts to go against the norm.

I played at the North-West Cricket Academy in 2009 and 2010 as I confidently pursued my dream to play professional cricket. The cricket however, was not going according to plan. I had to deal with failure after failure. It seemed that the harder I worked, the more I failed.

In 2011 God lead me to relocate to Cape Town. At the end of 2010 I moved my belongings back to Kempton Park in anticipation for the move to Cape Town. I expected a magic call from someone in Cape Town for a job and accommodation. However, faith never works like this, faith is spelled R – I – S – K and requires action. I realised that I had to act and do something. I packed my bakkie, greeted my family and friends and moved to Cape Town in faith, knowing only 6 people in the Western Cape, with no job or accommodation, I made a move to position myself for God to move in my life. For the first 2 weeks I stayed with people in Malmesbury before relocating to Bellville in faith, today I’m residing in Durbanville close by.

The years 2011 to 2013 were extremely difficult. Only God’s grace carried me through and kept me in His will for my life. During these years I encountered numerous life changing challenges, to name a few:

Living in Poverty
While pursuing my cricket dream, I had to coach cricket on a part-time basis for income. The income was very low, and I barely made ends mead every month. These tough times taught me to die to myself in the sense of emotions, feelings and fancy materialistic things. The dream was more important than the hard times, and it kept me going.

Personal Set-back
In 2012 thieves broke into my flat twice in two months and stole nearly everything. I had no insurance and no money at that time, which made it difficult to recover any of my stolen possessions. However, the dream was more important than the set-back, I still had my cricket kit and could continue to pursue my dream in spite of the setback. I slowly recovered from this setback and can testify that God has replaced everything x 3 in worth and quantity to that which I lost.

Business Failure
One of my business ventures did not work out according to plan, at a time when I was desperate for financial breakthrough. This was a massive failure for me, fortunately I could turn this failure into a positive, through persistence and refusing to quit! I immediately started to work on a new idea, which led to a massive breakthrough in November 2013.

The most difficult challenge by far was the loneliness I encountered for a very long time. The road to your dreams, very often is a lonely and difficult journey, filled with failure, set backs and very few people in support of your daring journey. Over the years I have surrounded myself with the right people in support of me as a person and my dreams, which helped me to stay standing through dire trials and tribulations.

Difficult Living Circumstances
During 2011 to 2014 I had to endure very difficult personal living circumstances. After my move to Cape Town I stayed in a house with dodgy people for 9 months. In 2012 I moved to a room where my room, bathroom and kitchen was cramped in a small space, what I remember during this time is that I had no money for a desk and my computer stood on an old microwave box – for me it was a very practical solution and funny when I think back to those days. After 2012 I moved to a very poor community where I resided for 1 and a half years in an old house where my curtains had holes, the paint cracked of the wall and the bathroom was covered in moss. I also had to avoid the trap of settling in this neighbourhood. As I observed the people around me, many of them were stuck and believed that they should be poor and that there are no solutions or opportunities for them to change their circumstances. When I resided in this poor community, I literally told myself every single day as I walked to the car “I will not get stuck here, this is only a phase of the journey, God WILL deliver me”. God did deliver me from my living circumstances and I’m extremely grateful for where I’m staying now.

God’s grace has kept and carried me through all the difficult times I encountered. Over the years I’ve learned that I should rejoice in my trials and tribulations as breakthrough normally occurs in the midst of the storm. Paul also tells us that we can do anything and get through all circumstance’s life throws our way, through Christ who strengthens us. My positive attitude, persistence, and refusal to quit are key attributes to have overcome the many trials and tribulations and still be living my dream life every day.

2013 – 2014: God Calls Me to Build Business

In 2013 I was still perusing my dream to play professional cricket. The decision to go confidently in the direction of my dream was the best decision I have ever made. It lead me to discover my purpose in life and matured my character. I was desperate for something new. I desperately pressed into God’s presence for breakthrough and trusted God would reveal something new to me. In this process I got stirred for Business and immediately recognising the stirring from God I began to take action by spending time with business leaders in church, reading business / self-development books and most importantly took action on creating business ideas in my mind with the knowledge I had at the time.

Principle: Use what you have, start where you are, do what you can!

Entrepreneurs are normally impulsive; I was no different. In April that year (2013) I quit my cricket coaching job to focus on my business idea. Looking back at this decision I always thought it was an impulsive and foolish decision, however as with the decision to stop my studies this decision shifted my mindset from employee to Entrepreneur. However, the cost of the decision had its consequences as I barely survived from April that year to November 2013. I worked on launching the business in August 2013, I believed and trusted God without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to have my own business and continued to act on the idea. Needless to say, this business venture ended in disappointment after placing everything on hold for one client who afterwards shot me down in one quick meeting after I have prepared for a few months on how I was going to transform their cricket. During all these numerous failures, the thought of giving up was always hovering in my mind, but I knew God called me for great and mighty things and I refused to give up. I knuckled down and started from scratch – again.

Principle: “Those who never fail, has never done anything.”

Earlier in 2013 I made certain prayer requests to God, one of these requests was financial breakthrough before the end of 2013. Middle November 2013 Liam Stander from Company Partners approached me with an opportunity at (the Business re-branded to Company Partners). I worked at (Company Partners) for 3 months as a BEE Certificate and FNB Bank Salesman and was approached by Liam Stander with a Licensing agreement opportunity under Company Partners, this basically meant I had my own business and could use the platform of (Company Partners) to build my business. This was a true miracle and as the Bible says in Ephesians 3:20 ‘God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above what we can ask, think or imagine’. I received a business without paying a cent.

Not only was this breakthrough what I trusted God for, also as I look back I realise that the door God opened was so perfect, no person on earth could have orchestrated this any better, as God set me up directly for my future before I even clearly understood what His plan for my life was. This was before I even knew that I had a passion for Business Start-up’s and Entrepreneurship. The open door also served as my practical ‘Business School 101’. Liam Stander, the founder of Company Partners took me under his wing and taught me the principles to Building a Business, looking back, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have served him at my time in Company Partners.

I have successfully managed the License agreement from April 2014 – September 2016. I have attained invaluable knowledge on Building and Managing a Business, Business Start-Up’s and Compliance requirements.

2015 – 2017: Entrepreneurship School is Birthed
In 2015 I realised that I had a passion for Entrepreneurship and empowering people to achieve sustainable success. I decided to focus and equip myself on Business Start-Up’s and Entrepreneurship. South Africa’s unemployment rate is at a staggering 30% and there are 6.18 million South Africans with no hope. The people of South Africa are also suffering from a lack of education and this keeps them at the back of the line with little hope to transgress in life.

Health Attacks
During this period where I effectively stepped into my purpose, I was also attacked by the devil through Bell’s Palsy. A virus that attacks the C5 nerve and causes facial paralysis. This left the right side of my face totally paralysed and my confidence fell through the floor. As this occurred, I remember sticking to 3 things.
(1) Isaiah 55:3 – By the stripes of Jesus Christ I am healed.
(2) Speak Life – Proverbs 18:21 ‘Life and death is in the power of the tongue’.
(3) Face the Facts – I forced myself to get out of my room and face life with my face in the state that it was.
After 6 months, my face restored to its normal functionality. However, in 2018 the devil attacked me with a second Bell’s Palsy. This was so strange as only 3 – 15% people gets it for a second time. It was clear to me that the devil was attacking my confidence and the only way to stand against this is through the Word of God. I’m glad to say that God has healed me both times from these attacks.

December 2016: The Birth of Business Plan Pro

In December of 2016 the  Founder of Company Partners, Liam Stander asked me if I want to make extra income through taking over Company Partner’s Business Plan department. With my knowledge on Entrepreneurship and experimenting with Business Plan structures, I saw it as a great opportunity to learn more about Business. I said yes, and went to work to create the Business Plan department.

One thing lead to another, and by 2017 and 2018 Business Plans was my main income, I’ve personally written +/- 300 business plans in those two years. In 2019 the Company Partners department took a massive dip in the middle of February. Suddenly I was in very hot water. I’ve just appointed my first employee from Port Elizabeth (Nakhane Majova), based on the performance of the Company Partners department’s performance, and to make matters worse, she quit her job and was in the process of relocating to Cape Town. Those were some dark days, I didn’t know what to do!

After gathering my thoughts and composing my emotions, I realised that I was in a comfort zone as the Company Partners department made my life very cosy. And that is one of the most important lessons for an aspiring entrepreneur. As long as you’re comfortable, your business won’t grow. On the contrary, when you are backed into a corner you stand a chance to build a business.

I saw a massive search for Business Plans in the market and realised that the opportunity is bigger than I ever imagined. There is a need for Start-up’s and entrepreneurs to apply for funding, which they can only do with a Business Plan. Based on this information, I entered the market and re-branded the Business Plan department to Business Plan Pro™.

As I launched Business Plan Pro™ I’ve bootstrapped and never took out a Business loan. This has resulted in me living from hand to mouth for longer than I’m proud off. During these years God always supplied just enough work for me to get by without serious debt. I’m glad to say that God has never let me down and always came through for me financially.

Business Plan Pro™ took off in 2020 in the middle of the Covid pandemic. The team and the turnover is growing by the month, and the Business Plan Pro™ team is on a mission to become the No. 1 Business Plan brand in South Africa!

God is Faithful, I have seen His provision daily. I live by His Word which states that all things are possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23). I’m expecting God to do extraordinary big things through Entrepreneurship School, the Business is founded in His Kingdom, and the characteristics of God’s Kingdom is increase, growth and multiplication. All the glory to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

I believe that it is possible to transform and grow the economy of South Africa through creating effective entrepreneurs. I believe it is possible to educate the uneducated and give them hope in South Africa to improve their living circumstances. I believe that people should dream about a better tomorrow and receive practical opportunities to achieve their dreams.

I believe it is possible to create sustainable successful entrepreneurs through practical knowledge, action steps and mentoring to transform and grow the South African economy. As I worked on these concepts of what I believe in throughout 2015 and 2016, the Purpose, Vision and Business Model for Entrepreneurship School became clearer and clearer.